Professional Discipline and Correction 

Sometimes you just need a good Mommie....

I take huge pride in offering AB/DL sessions as one of the few Mommies in New York City that does.  Though I do not have a nursery, I do have the many goodies and treats for all ABDLs.  Nothing brings a smile to My face like seeing a little dressed in a onesie and diaper or seeing a naughty little being punished to wear a diaper and enjoying every minute of their regression. 

I have a strong maternal side, and enjoy caring for well behaved ABs or being strict with naughty littles.  My main focus is for you to be able to let go and enjoy the element of being able to regress within a safe environment alongside a skilled, knowledgable, and caring Mommie figure.  I am available for male, female, and sissy ABDLs. 

Here are some of the scenes that I enjoy:

*Caring, nurturing Mommie or another Female Authoritative figure 

*Strict but caring Mommie or another Female Authoritative figure

*Playful, teasing Babysitter or sibling

*Strict to sensual Dominant for true DLs (no interest in AB scenes)

*Humiliation scenes

*Punishment diaper scenes with enemas and such

And so much more! There is no set scene for ABDL sessions, every single one is different from the next. I treat every ABDL as they were My own and the unique individuals that they are.  Whether it's cuddling to Mommie's warm breast or feeling the sting on your bottom after a spanking thru your diaper, I enjoy it all. 

Here are the items I have for those that need to regress:

*Diapers (I usually prefer to use Bambinos, Cushies, Abenas, and Molicares sizes M-XL)

*Plastic pants (clear white and cutsie prints size L-3X)

*Baby wipes and washcloths 

*Baby powder

*Baby lotion

*Baby oil

*NUK 5 and regular pacifiers

*Baby bottle with NUK large teat and regular teat

*Baby bowls and spoons for feedings

*Adorable onesies of many prints and styles (from 39-43" chest size)

*Cute footed pajamas (size XL-2XL)

*Baby rattles and toys

*Littles toys (fire engines and trucks, dolls, stuffed animals, books, crayons, coloring books, etc)

*Baby blankets

*Fisher Price Handle music boxes for soothing time

*Locking mittens

I do not currently have sissy ABDL attire or ruffle plastic pants.  You are however welcome to bring your own or donate a gift/deposit so I may pick them up for you.  I am always acquiring new pieces throughout the year to enhance the session experience more and more.  Diaper orders are about 3 to 4 times a year, and clothing orders are 3 times a year.  Sadly, ABDL furniture is pricey, so I can not accommodate in the ways of cribs or high chairs. I have created a pretty extensive collection of goods and may be one of the best stocked ABDL providers in New York City. 

*NOTE* Half hour sessions are NOT available for ABDL sessions.

*NOTE* Yes, I change all diapers, wet and messy.