Professional Discipline and Correction 


Discipline.  Correction.  Rectify. 
I am a firm believer that a sound spanking makes everything all right.  
I am Miss Lydia, and this is My site dedicated to the world of discipline, spanking, correction, rectifying, and all between.  
A professional for over 22 years, My firm hands have seen backsides from all over the world, and nothing brings a smile faster to My face then knowing that you are beginning the path of righteous living, with your hands rubbing your sore bottom along the way.
I grew up in Chicago, and lived in Phoenix briefly before settling in New York City, where I have called home for 15 years now.

Spanking has had a hold in My world since I was a child, witnessing and experiencing My first spanking.  As I grew older, I found Myself with the desire to spank lovers and friends, whether thru correction, disappointment, desire, or erotic lust. 
Physically, I am a curvy Woman yet strong while keeping bottoms in place over My knees.  I stand 5'5 barefoot, but that doesn't mean that I will not be able to "handle" your larger frame when it comes to a spanking.  I have seen them all.  I have blue eyes, and yes, those are real glasses in which I NEED to see.  Without them, damage can be done.  So if you wish to session with Me and request that I not wear them, then I will suggest you contact someone else. 
I have been told by many that not only do I have the knowledge of what a good spanking deserves, but I am very easy to talk to and even share a laugh with.  I take pride in those that have seen Me and enjoy their time with Me, knowing that W/we are all human, and being comfortable with Me. I want you to know that your desires and correction fantasies are safe with Me.  I treat everyone as a person first, what you have done wrong changes behind close doors. 

I am a private person and respect others privacy.