Professional Discipline and Correction 

Contacting Miss Lydia:

Please be prepared to schedule a real discipline session.  I do not deal with time wasters. 

When emailing, please leave your name, interests, limits, important medical issues, along with when you are wishing to session.  Because I only take one session a day, please have at least 2 days and times available in case one day is already booked. I have a small list of rules that MUST be followed in order to gain an audience with Me and My knees.  I do NOT accept same day appointments, no exceptions. 

It is always best to also begin an email with a proper hello and be cordial.  You are trying to gain an audience with Me, and the last thing you want to do is come across as rude.

Once I have made contact with you, all logistics in setting up the session will be discussed.

You can directly contact Me thru:

Please include your name, email, and a message. Do NOT send your phone number, as I do not set up appointments thru phone.  Email only.

*If you are not serious about booking a session, please do not waste My time or yours.